The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a co-operation work of the following leading standard organisations for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide.
It is recognised as the leading processing standard for organic textiles, which demands health and environmental criteria for chemical inputs along the entire supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well. Read more on the official GOTS-website.

During processing of GOTS-compliant products all chemical inputs have to comply with the GOTS-criteria and have to be approved by a GOTS certification body. In order to grant the most viable approval, there are several experts at Ecocert responsible for the assessment of textile chemicals. It requires very specific expertise in the fields of textile chemistry, (eco) toxicology as well as national and international chemical legislation.

Ecocert provides this web-based Positive List System to grant immediate access to GOTS-compliant textile chemicals for our customers. Chemical suppliers may use this convenient system to submit their product information and apply for assessment of their products for receiving GOTS-approval and follow the evaluation status online. GOTS-certified textile companies do also have immediate access to all lists of approved colorants and textile auxiliaries, and may find additional information about restrictions or recommendations for the application of the approved products.

At present already more than 1600 dyestuff- and pigment preparations including some natural dyes such as plant-extracts and over 2100 textile auxiliaries from many different suppliers have been approved for the processing of GOTS-textiles.

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